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    Alvin Lustig’s book covers

    I was killing some time in South Congress Books the other day and the clerk showed me some original New Directions books with these Alvin Lustig covers and they really knocked me out. (The images above are via Cooper Hewitt Collectionthis is what they look like IRL.) I ended up buying this edition of Miss Lonelyhearts, because, sure, it was the cheapest they had (Kafka’s AMERIKA was $600+), but it’s also one of my favorite books.)

    While I wait on my copy of Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig to get here, here’s his official site, here’s more on his work, a collage of his author names, an exhibit of his work with his wife, and a huge Flickr set of his work.

    Oh, and New Directions also sells a postcard collection of these covers.

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die Bibliothek Cake


    die Bibliothek Cake

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    Happy Hour, The 99-Pack

  4. The development will engulf land from North Carolina to Georgia, and possibly spread to Birmingham, Ala., “if we continue to develop urban areas in the Southeast the way we have for the past 60 years,” he said.

    — Southeast could become an overdeveloped ‘megalopolis’ in the next half century - The Washington Post (via melissachess)


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Eleanor Roosevelt on happiness, conformity, and integrity


    Eleanor Roosevelt on happiness, conformity, and integrity

  6. Good Will Hunting (1997) →



    by Chris Cantoni

    Will Hunting is smarter than me. His intellect is staggering. And yet he is uncomfortably relatable. When I first saw Good Will Hunting I was 16 or 17, only a few years younger than the main character and, at the time, he was everything we could hope…

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    Foresta Lumina

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    The beaches of San Francisco

    Love these.

  9. The path to what I’m doing started with not knowing what I wanted to do… Pursuing that feeling of not really knowing what to do, and choosing what doesn’t quite seem like the logical next step, but feels right at a gut level, is how I’ve pieced together where I am today.


    Every time I tried something new, I realized that I had no experience in it, so it felt like the right move. There is a data line that suggests a connection between all of those experiences: whenever something made me uncomfortable, I would give it a try.


    in her recent interview on The Great Discontent. writer, designer, editor, and educator Liz Danzico, NPR’s first-ever creative director, echoes Daniel Pink’s commencement address on why the best roadmap to an interesting life is the one you make up as you go along.

    Rilke would agree. Or, as Picasso famously put it, To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.”

    Previous TGD interviews have included Debbie MillmanAustin KleonJohn Maeda, and yours truly.

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    Your moment of Zen